3D Christmas Screensaver
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3D Christmas Screensaver

Free 3D Christmas Screensaver lets you celebrate this wonderful season all year long
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Michael Sablin
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Many times, when we are still in July or August, or in any other month, we start feeling like we would like to be in Christmas season.
It is a season that everybody loves because of everything that it means, and the joyous atmosphere that can be felt all around.

3D Christmas Screensaver lets you celebrate this wonderful season all year long.

This beautiful screensaver will help you fight the melancholic feelings that we sometimes get in the middle of the year, remembering how happy we were during the season of Christmas and New Year.
As soon as the program starts, you will see the classic Christmas tree scene, with decorations and lights.
In the background, a beautiful starry dark sky will be the perfect setting for this scene.
You can see stars, planets and even a couple of spiral galaxies moving around.

Don’t expect to see a giant Christmas tree with all kinds of things adorning it.
You will only see the tip of a branch, holding a nice colored ornament sphere hanging from the end of the branch.
Strangely, there is a candle floating in mid air right next to the branch. This will cast its light against the sphere and reflect it as it changes colors.
The sphere also reflects the tree lights, even if you cannot see them.
The effect of the reflections is awesome. Together with the leaves of the tree, it looks so realistic that you will immediately feel as if you were there watching the scene and waiting for Santa to arrive.

Suddenly, snowflakes start to fall all around the screen. Winter season is definitely here now. The background music adds a great touch to the scene, so you can just sit back and remember your childhood years and long for Santa to arrive and give you some presents.
But wait. There’s more. In some moment, the snowflakes begin to group together until they form a message: Merry Christmas. After a moment, they explode again and begin falling one more time.
Then they regroup again and form a new message: Happy New Year.

3D Christmas Screensaver will surely help you to feel happier during those long months of spring summer and fall while you wait for Christmas. Who knows? Maybe you will receive Santa’s visit ahead of time.

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  • Very pretty scene
  • Very realistic
  • Awesome messaging effect


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